FAQ about research and focus groups

What’s a focus group?

A focus group is normally about 6-8 members of the public who are recruited to a specific venue to offer their opinions on an advertising campaign, a product which already exists or which is about to be launched, or maybe about the packaging of such products. This is almost always a group of people who do not know each other and who have been recruited because they fit very specific criteria.

Why have I been selected?

People are selected for different reasons, for example because you live in a certain area, life stage, because of your age, the type of job you might or might not do, the type of products you buy etc. Every one attending has been selected in the same way for similar reasons to you.

Who takes part?

We are always looking for bright, reliable and articulate people to take part in these groups. We need people from all walks of life including teenagers over the age of 16, small business owners, students, employees from corporate companies, Chief Executive Officers – and many more.

Why take part?

There are several reasons for taking part, it’s great fun, to meet new people, have your say about new products, most importantly you get paid for your views and your time.