Welcome to Redhead Research

We find people to take part in focus groups. Public reaction to products, services and advertising varies a great deal and we help find people who are willing to give their opinions on a variety of topics. It costs a great deal to launch a new product, advert or idea and our focus groups give the companies the feedback they need before the product hits the shops.

These opinions are then analysed and used to develop or improve the products or services of the companies who commissioned the research.

In order to do this we are always looking for new people who enjoy giving their opinions on an occasional basis and who would be willing to share their views in discussion groups.

A focus group gives you the chance to contribute your opinions on new products and ideas and the bonus is you get paid for it.

We specialise in recruiting people who live and work in London and it’s surrounding area’s who don’t participate in focus groups for other recruiters

If you are interested in registering please see the registration page